What is Angel Yoga? What makes it so different?

         To say Angel Yoga is "just another yoga class" would be like saying Paramahansa Yogananda is just another guy! Angel Yoga was formulated because Alysia kept feeling that mainstream Yoga classes were lacking something. Although they helped center and bring her heart to it's peaceful home, they still were missing a vital element. They felt rushed and all about sculpting or toning. Alysia even found that most yoga classes in her area had either been completely closed or they became a sort of yoga/pilates mix. The missing element was the spiritual side of yoga. The meditations, the peace, and the balance it can bring. Longing for this, Alysia began to bring this into her personal practice at home. Each day she would work on connecting to the Divine and to herself, celebrating all that is life. This gave her the peace and comfort she craved in her yoga practice. She was later asked to teach a meditation and yoga class at her friend's workout studio. This is where Angel Yoga was born! Here is what you can expect from each Angel Yoga class:

                                                       Each class is dedicated to one Archangel. Alysia begins the class with a brief description of the
                                                                Angel that will be helping you through the class.
                                                         A beautiful opening Angel Yoga meditation. This will introduce you to the Archangel you will be
                                                                 working with. This will also be a time where you will let go of your day, finding yourself totally
                                                                 free and focused on your yoga practice. Ready to fully enjoy your time with the Angels!
                                                        And then onto the Angel Yoga session. This is all tied to the Archangel that Alysia introduces you
                                                                to in the beginning. Each one will be about either strength, flexibility, healing, peace, etc. All
                                                                formed to compliment the Archangel of the class.
                                                       Finally, Alysia will guide  you through another beautiful Angel Yoga Meditation. Bringing you
                                                                 answers from the Angel of the class. Helping you find strength, flexibility, healing, peace,
                                                                 etc. And then bringing you back to "this world" in a peaceful manor. Allowing you to leave
                                                                 the class with the healing, blessings, and love of all of the Angels!
                                                        Each Angel Yoga class is about an hour long. Modifications can be made if you are having it
                                                                  being taught at your home. This is something Alysia would need to know ahead of time.

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Who are these Angels anyway?

         This class is Non-Denominational. The Angels that Alysia works with are older then most religions. They are beautiful beings that are here to help us not only in our day to day lives, but also with the "big stuff". Like healing, coping, and finding answers. We all have our own Angels who keep us safe and gently guide us down our own paths. Alysia brings these loving beings in with the Archangels for each class so you can receive deep personal answers to your own life questions and worries. Her meditations are not general by any means! They are spoken to a full class, but they lead you to find answers that only apply to you! Every person, from every faith has Angels around them. And every person from every faith can work with them to create the perfect life for themselves! To learn more about these beautiful beings, visit www.askangels.net

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What people are saying about Angel Yoga

         "Alysia is a clear channel for the angelic inspiration and energy she has incorporated into her meditative yoga practice. Her words are gentle, encouraging, and served as a catalyst for receiving my own angelic messages during the session. As my chakras began to open from the yoga practices, I felt the beautiful, loving energy of the Divine begin to flow through and around me. You do not want to miss experiencing Alysia's pure and healing spirit through her innovative and gentle Angel Yoga."              -Angela Lawson